Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:22 pm
Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:22 pm

Sept 9th, 2012
Miracle of Miracles! The Guild Chat room is back online and ready to meet your social and mead drinking needs!

Jan 1st, 2012
From your fellow Rangers: Happy New Year!

Nov 24th, 2011
The Rangers Guild wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Details...

Nov 11th, 2011
Valkyrie, creator of many popular Oblivion 'short films' returns with the release of Skyrim and promises new videos based on the next installment in the Elder Scrolls series. Details...

Nov 11th, 2011
TESV: Skyrim has been released! Discuss here!

Mar 22nd, 2011
We would like to extend a warm welcome to several new members who have joined our community and are now running an active roleplay. Details...

Jan 1st, 2011
Happy New Year's, and welcome to 2011 from the Rangers Guild!

Sept 15th, 2010
liberator341 has been nominated to become a member of the Guild Order of Scribes. Congratulations!

Jan 1st, 2010
Best wishes for your New Year from everyone here at the Rangers Guild!

March 30th, 2009
Bostonian and Eclaveriia have each received their own Writer Subforums for their outstanding contributions to the Guild's fiction library. Congratulations!

March 14th, 2009
The Guild Art Tournaments have been relaunched with a whole new system in place for running them. Now accepting submissions!

March 7th, 2009
A rundown of upgrades to the Rangers Guild currently in the works has been laid out by the Guildmaster.

October 17th, 2008
The RP Gah-Jorane: The Great Betrayal has received its own subforum, and its creators made members of the Guild Order of Game Masters! Congratulations!

August 17th, 2008
Final results for the 7th Guild Writing Tournament are posted! Details...

August 4th, 2008
The RP A Black Moon Rises has received its own subforum, and its creator, Lord Rahl, has been made a member of the Guild Order of Game Masters! Congratulations!

July 27th, 2008
The 7th Guild Writing Tournament is now under way! Details...

July 17th, 2008
Now accepting submissions for the 7th Rangers Guild Writing Tournament! Details...

Vote for the next Guild Favorites Tournament Category Details...

July 5th, 2008
There are major additions and changes to the Guild Code of Conduct. Please read it carefully. Details...

June 15th, 2008
There are 7 new writer subforums. Details...

May 27th, 2008
Happy 2nd Anniversary, Rangers Guild!

May 24th, 2008
Results for the 6th Rangers Guild Writing Tournament are in! Details...

May 12th, 2008
Guild Archon Valkyrie now has his own web site dedicated to his excellent work in video creation. Details...

May 6th, 2008
The 6th Rangers Guild writing tournament is under way! Details...

Apr 30th, 2008
Art Tournament #3 has ended, and the results are now posted. Details...

Apr 19th, 2008
Voting has begun for the Rangers Guild Art Tournament #3! Check out the photos our members submitted and cast your vote. Details...

Apr 8th, 2008
Nirano and YessMasster are new members of the Guild High Council! Details...

Apr 4th, 2008
Another photo tournament has begun! Details...

Mar 25th, 2008
The Order of Scribes has elected a member to the High Council... Congratulations to Drowelite!

Mar 9th, 2008
There's a new station on Guild Radio, "Valk's Picks", with music from Valkyrie's personally licensed collection! Details...

Mar 5th, 2008
The 6th Rangers Guild Writing Tournament is now accepting submissions. Any genre welcome, includng fan fiction. Become the new Guild writing Champion! Details...

Mar 4th, 2008
Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, dies at 69. Visit the tribute thread and pay your respects. Details...

Feb 29th, 2008
The Epic RP "The Darkness" has returned! A massive story summary, new move, and even a teaser/trailer are posted. Details...

Jan 1st, 2008
The Rangers Guild wishes you a happy new year!

Nov 10th, 2007
The Order of Game Masters has elected a member to the High Council... Congratulations to Zantadeschia!

Nov 5th, 2007
The Guild Favorite Tournaments (CRPG & Sci-Fi Film) are over and winners have been declared1 Details...

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Guild Code of Conduct

Lord Cryofax
Guildmaster (Admin)
Guildmaster (Admin)

Joined: 23 May 2006
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Post Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 12:57 pm
      Post subject: Guild Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a set of rules and expectations all members are required to uphold. The Code is a fundamental part of our community; it's allowed us to establish and maintain a friendly, fun environment for everyone who joins us here. We may change these rules at any time and it is your responsibility to abide by such changes. Members who fail to follow the Code will be subject to the warnings/bans issued by staff members as outlined in our Discipline Process. Our staff consists of users holding a rank of Mage, Archmage, Archon, and Guildmaster (in order of authority, least to most).


1) Read and abide by our Code of Conduct (what you're reading now).
This is for people who claim they didn't read these rules. You should've, since they're part of the Membership Agreement.

2) Use the help and information we've put on the website.
If you have questions, explore our website a bit to review information we've prepared for you before asking them. If you find something isn't covered, we probably want to add it, so ask and let us know. We are currently working on a centralized help function, but until it's completed, you will find what you need to know in the Information section at the top of the Forums.

3) Be courteous.
Respect other members and their opinions. If you're debating something with someone, discuss the topic itself; flaming other people for their personality and opinions is unacceptable. If you have a personal issue you need to resolve with another member, use our private messaging system instead of making a public display out of it. Never make threats against another member.

4) Keep it clean.
a. Conduct yourself here as you would in a public setting. It is fine to play and joke around, but keep reproductive organs, sexually suggestive comments, vulgarity, X rated nudity, and gore out of all discussions.

b. Profanity does not serve to further intelligent discussion or debate. You can use colorful language here, but be aware that there are word filters in place that will blot out words we don't feel are necessary. Don't direct profanity at others in a hostile manner, and do not type such words differently to circumvent the word filter.

*NOTE: Member creations (stories, artwork, music, filmmaking, mods) and Role Playing forums have some limited exemptions from 4a and 4b above. See this thread for more details: Member Creations & Roleplay - Code of Conduct Exemptions

5) Protect your personal information and respect that of others.
Personal information is anything that can be used to contact, identify, or locate someone in the real world. Examples include home addresses, phone numbers, full names, someone's pictures, etc. If you want to publicly post a picture of yourself and/or give some background information (even general location) that's fine, but do not post your exact address or phone number. You can, at your discretion, give your personal information to other members privately, but we advise you to be very careful about who you share sensitive information with online. Under no circumstance should you give away the personal information of another person, publicly or privately. Not even if that person is a friend and/or has posted the information here or elsewhere on the web. That is their right, not yours.

6) Exchange contact information in private, and don't give out that of others.
Contact information is anything that can be used to contact someone outside of our community. Examples include e-mail addresses, instant messaging accounts, MySpace, Facebook, someone's account name on another forum, etc. Do not publically request or provide such contact information unless in an area of the Rangers Guild where it is specifically allowed (such as a gamer tag in the G3 Knights private area). We will consider signatures, profiles, and any media you can put on our website such as your avatar, artwork, videogame mods, etc., as public, and thus unacceptable means of sharing your contact information. You can give your contact information out to other members privately, but you may not, under any circumstances, give away the contact information of other people.

7) Do not submit content to our Member Creations area unless you are the rightful owner.
The Member Creations areas of our website (The Dark Forge, and the Guild Library) are for people to show their creative works to other members. By submitting material to our Member Creations area, you are claiming ownership of the item(s) submitted. If it's not yours, don't submit it, even if it belongs to a friend or family member - if they want something submitted here, they need to create their own account and do it themselves. If you want to share something of interest that you did not create, use our Interesting Links area in the Forums.

8) Submit/post things where they belong, and don't post what doesn't.
Be sure to submit new content and new threads to the proper location. When posting a message in areas of discussion, such as submission comments and our message boards, stay on topic. If you absolutely must make an off-topic comment, at least contribute to the topic at the same time, or consider starting a new discussion for your other topic. Don't post if you have nothing to say; with the exception of the chat rooms, pointless messages that contain nothing more than "lol", "Oh yea" and "whatever" are examples of what's generally perceived as spam, and spam is unwelcome.

9) Don't put spoilers on our website without giving clear, advance warning.
A spoiler is, for example, when you tell someone who hasn't seen a movie how it ends. Most people do not want the plot of a book, game, movie etc. spoiled before they've had a chance to experience it themselves. When posting potential spoilers, always make a sincere, visible effort to warn people in advance that a spoiler is just ahead. This includes all discussion areas and content submitted to our Member Creations areas.

10) Use English.
Typing messages in other languages that our members potentially can't read is rude. We have nothing against other languages, but it would be ridiculous to expect all of our members to learn other languages to participate in such discussions, so we expect you to use ours.

11) Do not advertise or recruit here.
Don't use our website for the purpose of advertising other web sites, forums, products, projects etc.. Links to interesting things on other sites is fine, but do it in the designated area, and don't try to disguise an ad in that way. Your profile, signature, and avatar are for information about your Rangers Guild identity, and are not a billboard for ads.

*NOTE: If you want to cross-promote your site with us, contact Lord Cryofax and you may be able to work out a link exchange.

12) Don't endorse illegal activity.
It's fine to discuss and debate crime, but never assist or encourage it. Don't post links to warez (that includes ALL torrent sites which are often used to distribute pirated media), don't talk about the best drugs and where to get them, etc. Also, if you just commited a crime, don't tell us about it. Basically, don't submit anything you don't want law enforcement to see.

13) If you're not a moderator, don't act like one.
Do not attempt to portray yourself as an actual staff member, or act as if you possess such authority. You don't keep a siren and flashing lights in your car to pull over speeders and detain them until police arrive, do you? Of course not. It's fine for you to remind people of the rules and coax them away from the dark side, but it is the job of the Rangers Guild staff to enforce them, not yours. If you see someone or something that violates our rules, please report the incident to a staff member via private messaging. (We will have a Report feature that will allow you to report easier and to any staff member online instead of having to choose a specific person to message about it... coming soon!)


We're trying to build an active community, and we'd like you to be a part of it. It really comes down to basic respect for your fellow Guildmembers. If you give it, you shall receive it, and we all shall benefit... On behalf of all the staff of the Rangers Guild, we welcome you... Enjoy!

Lord Cryofax
Guildmaster (Admin)
Guildmaster (Admin)

Joined: 23 May 2006
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Post Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:11 pm
      Post subject:
There is a new and improved Guild Code of Conduct up now, as well as two accompanying threads that detail the Guild's discipline process, and exemptions to the code for RPs and member creations.

Secret and I worked quite a while on these, going over each line by line like a couple of lawyers until we felt it was not only comprehensive, but clear. The system we've laid out for Guild law and order has been well thought out and we feel it's both firm and fair.

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